Virtual Urgent Care

Receive a virtual visit with a Board Certified Physician from the comfort of your own home.  No lines. No waiting.  Instant diagnosis.

Connective Med provides 
instant access to board certified physicians.

Providing needed access to physicians in a proactive approach to patient care delivery.

How we are transforming telehealth


Connective Med provides real time clinical assesments  by board certified physicians when needed. Our physicians are able to provide remote physical examinations.


We provide cyber secure medical equipment. The devices are FDA cleared, HIPAA compliant utilizing cloud based solutions for high resolution interactions with physical exam capability.


Connective Med services will significantly reduce healthcare delivery cost. This is achieved by affordable staffing, on demand physicians assessments, and avoidance of emergency transfers or readmissions.


Utilizing collected clinical data Connective Med can offer creation and implementation of predictive healthcare models. All models are custom created under the guidance of Connective Med’s Clinical Informatics physicians.

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